If you have special requests (e.g. swimming for disabled people) contact us for more information.

Group lessons
Group lessons 45 minutes€11,50
Group lessons 30 minutes€8,75
Intensive group lesson for beginners 60 minutes€17,50
Intensive group lessons for semi advanced 90 minute€23,00
Intensive group lessons for semi advanced 105 minute€29,00
Trial lessons
30 minutes group lesson€7,25
45 minutes group lesson€10,00
30 minutes private lesson€16,00
45 minutes private lesson€21,00
45 minute private lessons
With 3 students€23,00 per student
With 2 students€33,00 per student
With 1 student€58,00 per student
30 minute private lessons
With 3 students€18,00 per student
With 2 students€27,00 per student
With 1 student€45,00 per student
Swim term fee
22 swim lessons of 30 minutes€192,50
22 swim lessons of 45 minutes€253,00
Diploma exam fee€17,50
Recreational / lane swimming fee€4,00

Registration fee: €12,50. If you cancel the trial lesson in less than 48 hours in advance we will charge you the trial lesson fee.