Aquakidzz is offering the following classes

Our lessons are based on the NRZ’s Swim ABC method. We have 5 different levels ranging from the undeep pool to the competition pool, resulting in an A diploma when the requirements are met. After the A diploma students can persue higher level.

Toddler’s classes 2-4 years old (30 minute lessons)

The sessions require parent’s supervision in the water and are designed for children at 2-4 years of age. These young children learn continued submersion, back floating, proper water entry and exit, and multiple self-help strategies to become safer in the water. More independent movements in the water are aided with various activities and toys. Toddlers don’t have the coordination yet to learn more complex movements.

Regular A, B, C diploma classes (30 – 45 minute lessons)

Children and adults will learn how to swim with other students of a similar age and skill level in our group lessons. The student teacher ratio is 6:1. We follow a 6 level programme, starting with the pre level ( toddlers) and finishing with an advanced diploma level. Students can obvioulsy join the course at any age and swim level, we will offer you lessons that will best suit your needs. The students will learn 4 strokes technically correctly and diving before we start the diploma programme if required, it i snot compulsory to take the A,B,C diploma exams if you don’t wish to. The lesson duration for beginners is 30 minute and for advanced learners 45 minute.

Intensive A, B, C diploma classes (60 – 105 minute lessons)

We also offer  intensive courses (group or private) to speed up children’s swimming progress with an intensive batch of 2 or 3 lessons, held on Saturday afternoons. For beginners children under the age of 4,5 years we recommend maximum 60 minute lesson time as their concentration and energy drops often after 60 minute lessons.

Intensive courses are often used to increase their confidence around water before a family holiday and boost children’s swimming skills – as well as speeds up the process of reaching the diploma level. Your child will receive lots of personal attention to your stroke technique and see a rapid improvement.

Private A, B, C diploma classes (30 – 45 minute lessons)

Private lessons are available for children and adults. For beginners and advanced participants, spending 30 – 45 minutes in a one – on – one situation or with max. 3 learners in the group allows for maximum attention and can be conducive to quicker improvement.