Our swim school is recognized by the Dutch Swimming Pool Association (Nationale Raad Zwemdiploma’s – NRZ), which provides the official Dutch swim diplomas.

You can contact us at +31 (0)6-14318782) or NRZ +31 (0)31-8830250, if you have further questions regarding the national swim diplomas

Aquakidzz is an international swimming school that was established in 2010 and since then we passionately teach swimming to various age groups. We are a group of instructors who are teaching children and adults with a lot of passion. One of the elements of our teaching style is creating fun for children during the lessons, the children will feel more comfortable with water.

We have classes for little toddlers from the age of 4,5 years and also adult individuals seeking for our help to introduce them to the secrets of swimming. The lessons take place on Saturday afternoons in the Sloterparkbad ( Amsterdam ), one of the most popular and most modern pools of the Netherlands. Recently we are also giving lessons on Monday afternoon in the Amerpoort swimingpool in Baarn.

We are working in small groups of 6 – 7 students, however there is an opportunity to participate in private teaching or training classes. Our instructors are highly trained coaches and swimming teachers with years of experience from all around the world, therefore our classes are available in different languages. The swimming lessons are mainly conducted in English but we also have classes thought in Dutch or Hungarian..

House rules

  • We would like to ask the parents to make sure that the children have been to the to the bathroom and have taken a quick shower before we start the lesson and that they wait patiently by the side of the pool where the lesson will take place until the instructor arrives and takes over the class.
    • Students are not allowed in the pool when their swim instructor is not present (also not when the parents are present).
    • The parents may observe the children from the upstairs watching room. On the 1st lesson the parents are allowed to observe the children the first 10 minutes from the side of the pool.
    • The swim instructor checks the names of the students and counts the number of children.
    • When the lesson is over an instructor of the swim school will bring the students to the showers. This instructor is supervising the lessons in both pools.
    • Students have to be careful around the pool, running is not allowed.
    • There are no outside shoes allowed in the area of the swimming pool.
    • Please take your belongings with you, we can’t take responsibility for any loss or damage to your goods in the changing areas , inside or outside of the pool.


We are a group of instructors who are teaching children and adults with a lot of passion. One of the elements of our teaching style is creating fun during the lesson,so that the students feel more comfortable with water.



Swimming Instructor / Zweminstructrice (contact person)

Portraits by Diana Ng.