You can send us an email to including your child’s full name, date of birth and telephone number, but you can also fill in the registration form on the website and we will get in contact with you within a couple of days.

We don’t have a waiting list at the moment, during the swim season we organize new groups. We swim in 2 terms during the whole school year. Each term includes 20-22 group lessons. The private swim term is shorter, only 8-10 lessons. You can start the course at any time during the school year.

Everybody learns in its own tempo. Some children need more practise than others as their motorics is more developed, but often the problem is the fear of water. It is important that children get to be introduced to water and learn to be comfortable in the pools early enough.

Visit the swimming pool as often you can with your child. You don’t necessary have to practise swimming with them.

Parents should make a game out of everything.  Use toys, floaters, sinkers, have races that builds up confidence– do all the fun stuff that distracts their child from the fact that they are learning to swim.

Generally 42 hours are needed to obtain the A diploma. To reach the swimming diploma B, 12 hours are needed and for the C diploma another 12 hours are needed. The total duration will depend on how the swimming lessons are offered and the individual development of the swimming student.

You are welcome to take a look at our classes, in the schedules you can find the right class you wish to visit. It is also possible to make an appointment for a trial class.

Yes, you can observe from the upstairs viewing area, generally children concentrate better if the parents are not sitting beside the pool.

Yes, there is plenty of parking space in front of the Sloterparkbad , free of charge.

Every child is unique and develops at their own pace. Babies and toddlers who have had positive water experiences early tend to develop faster because they do not develop a fear for the water. Keeping this in mind, the younger they get started, the sooner they will become safe and happy swimmers.
Learning to swim is not a skill that you can learn in just a few lessons, but requires time to develop and practice.

It is important for Aquakidzz that our customers are satisfied with our swim lessons. If for some reason you are not satisfied with our swim lessons, please contact Aquakidzz, preferably by email:

Please describe in your email who you are, what happened, which day and time something happened, and if applicable which swim instructor was involved.

The owner of Aquakidzz will reply your email within a week (or will notify you when more time is needed to handle your complaint).

We will try to solve the complaint in a satisfying way. When necessary Aquakidzz will invite you for a meeting to discuss your complaint and to work towards a solution.