Snorkelen 2

1. Steps to take to the water jump, followed by 25 meters backstroke.

Snorkeling equipment
1. Enter the water with the snorkel gear in hand, equipment to do and 25 meters with snorkel dolphin kick.
2. Snorkeling 100 meters from the water, which first 25 meters of front crawl and the last 10 meters underwater.
3. After 20 meters snorkeling, diving, lead block / weight belt / suction cup grab and three different grab a bucket of colored objects, which is at a depth of at least 2 meters. Objects to the surface.
4. Te water with jumping steps, followed by 50 meter snorkel with the dolphin kick. Every 25 meters the snorkel out of the mouth, on the back in the other hand and again in the mouth. The face always remains underwater.
5. In up to two dives to the bottom square mount using four short PVC tubes with bochtjes.
6. 10 meter snorkel, dive angle to 2 meters deep water, air and blowing out 5 seconds silence at the bottom.
7. 25 meters without snorkeling mask.