Survival 1

1.Te water with upright jump, and without overcome swim 20 meters underwater.
2. 50 meters front crawl.

With snorkeling equipment
1. 50 meter snorkel with the dolphin kick.
2. 50 meters front crawl stroke with snorkeling, followed by 50 meters snorkeling without glasses, with face in of water.
3. 20 meter underwater swim, followed by 25 meter buddy-breathing.
4. 25 meter snorkel, dive angle from 5 meters to the bottom, clove hitch to put the snorkel, snorkeling and reinsert of clearing.
5. 50 meter snorkel, go four PVC tubes with of bochtjes emerge and assemble into a square.
6. Diving at 2 meters, lying on lead block / weight belt / suction cup with piece garden hose with a 1 kg block of lead weighted hollow object (Eg soda bottle) with a capacity of 1.5 liters, up blow up in two turns.
7. Glasses appearance of the ground, under water and up of clearing.
8. Supine on the floor swim through hoops 2, which at least 2 meters deep and at least 5 meters from each other.
9. Starting in the water. Diving through a hoop, followed by backward roll through the hoop again, underwater remain the same job again by a second hoop located on 5 meters away.
10. With an armored glasses snorkel over a distance of 12 meters to a defined piece of pool wall a length of 6 meters.