Swim Diploma A

With clothing on:

  • With foot jump into the water
  • Tread water 15 seconds
  • Swim 12.5meters breaststroke
  • Diving under a line
  • Half turn around a longitudinal axis
  • Swim 12.5 m backstroke
  • Exit the water.

In swimming suit:

  • With headfirst jump into the water
  • 3 meters underwater swim through a hole in a sail
  • Swim 50 m breaststroke
  • Swim 50m backstroke
  • Floating on your stomach and on your back
  • Swim 5m front crawl
  • Tread water 60 seconds with 2 times to turn around the longitudinal axis

How soon will my child complete the Swim-ABC?

After earning the A level diploma to complete the B and C level diploma is really close. Generally 42 lessons needed to obtain the first diploma. To reach the swimming diploma B, 12 hrs needed and also 12hrs for the C level. To get the B and C diploma together cost so much less time than the A level qualification alone. The total duration will depend on how the swimming lessons are offered and the individual development of the swimming student.